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Dinner Impossible’s Robert Irvine Fired


TMZ is reporting that Robert Irvine’s been canned by Food Network.

After it was discovered that Robert lied about his credentials — including having designed Princess Diana’s wedding cake — Food Network honchos investigated the situation and today released a statement saying they “have not renewed Robert’s contract for future seasons” and “will be looking for a replacement host.”


Popularity: 17% [?]


  • Christa said:

    What a shame! Dinner Impossible was such a good show – when it was hosted by Irvine. I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes with the newbie guy! Next channel please!!!

  • John D. said:

    I know when you let robert irvine go that you had your reasons and the reasons that I have read seem minor and definetly not a good reason. I think that when you judge a persons character you judge it on what you saw not what hype was said about him. He wanted to be as good as the other people on food network so he embelished a little bit. But by no means did it hurt the ratings of his show. There is no bad publicity. Robert Irvine mad the show what it was and was absolutely amazing at what he did. I am speaking for me and every one that I know when I say that Michael Simon is ruining the show. The show is horrible now almost unberable to watch. And some of the people who produce the show should see how bad it is. I can speak for everyone I know when I say I will not watch another episode of this show as long as michael simon is the chef. I ask and beg that you bring back robert irvine he has shown for many years that he is more than able to meet and excede the expectations for the challenges and the show. He should be judged for his abilities not his experience from 25 years ago. Dinner Impossible was the reason I kept watching food network and now the only reason I have left is iron chef. There is a reason that there are no episodes with michael simon. No one wants to sit through an episode with him. And i know that people love to hate someone and that you can get ratings like that too but not in this case. People don’t hate him, he is not an unlikeable person, people are bored by him. He brings nothing exciting to the table. I will not watch and none of the people I know will watch another episode with him in it. I will post this message in some blogs so that other advertisers are able to read it and hopefully it will deter some companies from buying timeslots for the show. Otherwise I dont know how else my opinion will matter. I want this show pulled or michael simon pulled. Thank You John D.

  • Eydie said:

    My husband and I were faithful watchers of Dinner Impossible and we miss Robert Irvine. My husband tried to watch the new guy and he said it just wasn’t even close and it is no longer on our list of shows on Sunday evening. Robert was good and I think he was what made that show work. I liked his gruffness it gave the show character and that what grabs interest. It wasn’t just the same-old-same week after week. We wanted to see how Robert would react to the different situations. He had an attitude but it worked well. More than that he did the job and got did it well. We would like to see him back!\

  • Lisa said:

    Im really sorry to hear about this. I truly enjoyed this show and Robert Irvine. I probably won’t look for it again knowing he’s not on it. Maybe he did lie on his resume I don’t think that had anything to do with my likeing the show so much. I usualy detest cooking shows Irvine made this one fun

  • Gary said:

    If you lie on your resume, especially a BIG lie… or two, you should be fired because it’s likely that you would not have been hired in the first place without misleading your potential employer. It’s a shame because Robert made the show what it was, very good.

    I watched Michael Symon a few times and I thought he was also very good. The problem is that many of you are comparing Michael with Robert. That’s like the Rolling Stones getting a new singer and peole complaining that he’s not as good as Mick. Give Michael a chance. He is very skilled and has a great personality.

  • Lisa said:

    Gary sorry but I know what I like and what I don’t. Maybe it sounds closed minded to you but I’ve watched millions of cooking shows and their hosts and Robert Irvine is the first one I’ve ever truly enjoyed. Choosing not give Michael a chance is because Ive been bored all to many times and I know what to expect.

  • g said:

    i am so mad he was a great chef and my idol so i wont watch the show any more because who could replace him . he was hilarious but a chef at the same time.

  • Tilesha said:

    I loved watching Dinner Impossible with Robert Irvine. As soon as I saw Michael Symon on the show I stopped watching, and I have not tuned in since. I will not watch Dinner Impossible until Robert is back.

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  • maggie said:


  • Jennifer said:

    I loved watching Robert cook! HE IS HOT! He makes you want to pick up something a cook! I will not be watching the show anymore. Its just not the same.

  • AZDramaMama said:

    A fry cook at McDonald’s can claim to have cooked for the President. That doesn’t make them a good chef. Robert had already proved his chops in the kitchen and his likability with fans. IMO as long as Sandra Lee is on the air, I don’t need anything else to prove that Robert deserves his own show.

  • chowhound (author) said:
  • beltbuckle said:

    that just made my day!!!!
    way to go robert!!! Now you have ot keep up the good work.

  • cletus said:

    you people seriously belive this internet bullspit your pathetic get a real life who cares if he truly didnt design the “queens” cake its a tv show ppl go outside and get a real life instead of watching his show then

  • Tony Cavallo said:

    I don’t care what anyone says. Robert may have lied on several occasion; however, this is television, and I cannot picture anyone else who could actually pull off what Robert pulls off on the Dinner Impossible show (one of my favorite ones I might add).

    He is a fantastic chef with real talent and anyone who had half a brain can see that he puts his absolute heart and soul into each and every task.

    His team clearly has immense respect for the guy and break their backs for him. Why would anyone do that if they were working with someone who didnt demand respect through their actions and merits?

    In the world of television, your mind can play silly tricks on you and if you are unfamiliar with this realm, you can get sucked into this “i am better than you are” crap. I think that is basically WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE. Robert has been very stupid and has now paid the price. That aside, I wouldnt bother to watch the show if he wasnt on it anymore. He is the star. Im not just saying that because I am English. That has nothing to do with it. I am saying that because he is the beating heart of the show. Without him, the show is dead!

    Have a nice day 🙂

  • Anonymous said:

    The show isn’t the same without Robert irvine! I was recording it on my tv and when I watched the first episodes with the new host I imediatly stopped recording it!

  • DM said:

    Who cares about this crap, I love Robert, I hope any network will pick him up, I Love watching him on any show, I wish they (anyone)would create a show ” Home Impossible” I would definitely would volunteer to have him help me!!!!

  • db said:

    if they fire robert there show will fail and fast, so what if he lied about something, everybody does and just the fact that everybody is mad that he lied over a cake makes all you guys look bad. its all a big joke that ill be laughing about for years to come. (getting fired over a cake lol). how stupid does that sound. if you want to here another joke, just watch miley cyrus go out and smoke weed.

  • Heather said:

    I am not Happy he was let go. And will not watch it if they replace him.H

  • brenda said:

    I bet he can cook better than some chefs He is more than welcome to come to our town and cook. Everybody makeing a big deal out of how he cooked for they are only human’ if he was cooking for GOD it would be something different.

  • Nikki said:

    I think this would have been a shame, if it were true! I think Robert Irvine is VERY competent, and he’s the ONLY reason I watch the “Impossible” series of shows! I think he DOES make a difference in restaurants, and he is an asset and important part of the Food Network Family. I enjoy watching him. I’ll try new shows out if he’s on them.

  • Joe said:

    Nikki…you realize this was 4 years ago lol

    There were lies in his resume and Food Network pulled him from Dinner Impossible. FN did not part ways with him however and he remained active on the network and eventually got air time again.

  • Save The OA said:

    Thats what an angel is. Dust pressed into a diamond by the weight of this world. #TheOA needs your help. #SaveTheOA

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