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Dinner Impossible’s Robert Irvine Fired


TMZ is reporting that Robert Irvine’s been canned by Food Network.

After it was discovered that Robert lied about his credentials — including having designed Princess Diana’s wedding cake — Food Network honchos investigated the situation and today released a statement saying they “have not renewed Robert’s contract for future seasons” and “will be looking for a replacement host.”


Popularity: 17% [?]

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  • Philly said:

    Good riddens to another rude blowhard, who alway’s thought that they were so clever in front of the camera. The whole concept of this cooking show falls under the title of “Who Cares”.

  • Shelly said:

    I sort of enjoyed watching this show however I find it quite disgraceful that things like this happen… How can you underestimate someone that can cook 700 appetizers for 4000 people in mere hours! Good Luck in future undertakings Irvine! Try not to lie this time!

  • Shelly said:

    Correction: 7000 appetizers for 4000 people – Sorry!

  • patty said:

    i would think that food network would be doing a better job investigating the backgrounds of the people it hires…especially after the jag spectacle on the last “Next Food Network Star”…they are making themselves look like a joke…

  • Denise said:

    ” I agree with the better job investigating first but who would think that someone would lie about something like that? He HAD some big ones! Stupid!”

  • Anonymous said:

    I liked watching the show too. You gitta wonder whether his lies got him the job.

  • Mandi said:

    Who cares if he lied?! Does anyone really watch the show hoping to hear stories of Diana’s cake or some other English royal’s soire? No, so get over it.

  • Anonymous said:

    If a person can do the kinds of things he does then what does it matter what it his resume says?

  • john said:

    The fact that Mr. Irvine embellished his resume by including false references doesn’t diminish his prowess in the kitchen. He is a gifted chef and the Food Network will be doing more to punish it’s viewers by removing him than punishing him.

  • Tam said:

    I do agree with everyone about him being a really good chef. My best guess is that not many people will watch the show anymore. Who really cares that he lied. He still is a good chef and thats what made the show.

  • miss chef said:

    John: no it doesn’t diminish his prowess in the kitchen but it does damage his shows creditability which relies on the viewer believing that he has no idea of the impossible situations. Besides no one likes a liar, esp someone that lies to get a leg up over someone more deserving. You can be sure his Q rating is going to/has already tanked. Bad for the show, bad for Food Network. He had to go.

  • anonymous 2 said:

    Robert Irvine is a very good cook and I enjoy watching his
    show and I am upset and disappointed that he will not have
    a show any more. Who has not told one lie in their life, let him or her cast the first stone!

  • Carl Vetter said:

    Considering the talent beneath him that keeps showing on FN, Robert Irvine’s show is absolutely sensational. Why get rid of him when Jamie Oliver is a worthless low-class East End wanker. Get rid of him. Nigella Lawson is an absolute doll who has a great television personna and should pose for Playboy. Irvine is a gem and his show is great.

  • penny said:

    i really enjoyed watching how he did some of the receipes, i am sorry that he felt he had to lie to get the job, but i still think that he was very interesting to watch and enjoyed what he would come up with in his receipes. i will miss him.

  • michelle said:

    I never really watched the show until he came to town and did a show. The show was fantastic, the food was delicious and everyone here enjoyed working with and meeting him. I could care less if he lied on his resume…he did a great job!

  • Greg Black said:

    Didn’t he prove that he had what it takes to make the show work? Most people do embellish threr resume.

  • Greg Black said:

    Didn’t he prove that he had what it takes to make the show work? Most people do embellish there resume.

  • Anonymous said:

    Robert was not the man who made things happen..he was the dullard star, the guy who HELPED his assistant by planning the menu, leaving the big jobs to George. Without George, and the others they usually had doing the hard work he could have never made it. Robert was constantly screaming like a banchee at the help, hollering over and over the list of dishes on the menu checking to see what THEY had completed. I will say, Robert usually made the sauces.
    I believe George was the real star but never recieved the credit he deserved. I have always felt that Irvine was not the professional the professed to be. He often would
    say, “I cooked for royalty and presidents but I’ve never done anything like this before” On the show when he had to bake a cake, he commented “I’m a chef, not a pastery chef..Iv’e never baked a cake in my life except for the wedding cake at the royal wedding of Princess Dianna and Prince Charles, but that was different”… I knew right then and there that I was right when I said a year before that he was phoney. I hope the Food Network will not bring hom back…and give George a shot, he’s been carrying
    the show for Robert and I have no doubt he can do it.

  • chiffonade said:

    If only they’d do the same thing to Sandra Lee!!!! Everything about her is fake. She’s such a sham. Wonder what Robert Irvine will be doing now? Whatever it is, it will probably involve cooking because he’s proven he can do that even if he fudged a little on his creds.

  • Joe said:

    To those who don’t agree with the firing…think about this.

    His lies were very big ones. Cooking for the royal family? That alone might have gotten him the show. Other people, just as skilled or more so than him, did not get the job because he LIED. Just because he’s obviously skilled does not mean he deserves the job. Many others lost their opportunity to be on Food Network because someone’s lies.

    If Food Network let this pass they would send a message that they don’t care about people lying on resumes which is a very severe professional offense. In just about any field if you are caught lying on a resume you will most likely be fired.

    He deserves to be fired. Thats just how it is.

  • Chrissy said:

    princess diana’s wedding cake was hideously ugly. i wouldn’t want to admit to making that thing!

    cake plates on top of each tier?

    he could have at least lied about a nicer cake!

  • Gerry said:

    Alright, say he lied… having that exposed would be embarrassment enough. His skills are good, the show entertaining, and people watched. He proved himself in the kitchen, and that was that.

    For those that say that others did the work while Robert made the sauces… a good manager makes every difference in the world, and that’s where Robert shines. He is the driver to get the job done, and it’s done quite well.

    Good luck Robert, onwards and upwards to the next challenge!

  • Joe said:

    Gerry, if his skills were good enough then he should not have lied to begin with and used his skills to get the job. His lies were an embarrassment to him, and the rest of the Food Network.

  • d said:

    he never said he made princess dianas cake he said he helped design it. theres not to many chefs that could do what he does on the show. i’m a chef that cooks for over 5000 students a day and allmost everybody lies on there resume or during their interview and if they say don’t there lying.

  • Adam said:

    Well I’m glad he got fired because if he was in the Royal Navy and that then he wouldn’t have treated the military like he did. He treated the USAF like crap and for me, I was in a career field called Services, which was cooking, lodging, and some other stuff. So when i say the show it made me feel sick to my stomach that he was treating the military like he did. I hope he doesn’t come back because he was an a$%()@@ to everyone else. They should have sent him overseas to see how real cooks cook for over 900 people every meal and still get it done, I have done it. That is my opinion and if you don’t like then don’t complain.

  • Margaret said:

    I so love watching Robert’s shows over & over. So he lied and got caught. How many of today’s host does the same? Let him continue his show so we can be entertained with the understanding that in America we give second chances, but don’t lie again.

  • Joe said:

    Margaret, I highly doubt there are many others on television who lied on their resumes. Especially about the things Irvine lied about. Liars do not deserve a second chance, lying on a resume is a serious offense that cannot go unpunished. Its something you just don’t do in any industry.

  • anon said:

    I hope they don’t start looking to close at other resumes, we might end up with no Food Net.

  • anon said:

    We enjoyed Dinner Impossible very much. It’s a shame that they couldn’t have found another way to deal with this. We will miss his show.

  • chiffonade said:

    Anon said…I hope they don’t start looking to close at other resumes, we might end up with no Food Net.

    Could you imagine? Then Sandra Lee’s resume would have to read:

    Qualifications for hosting a TV show?
    Married a rich old guy who financed it.

    Truth in advertising…Yeah baby.


  • Maria said:

    A degree is not necessary to be a Chef!
    If in fact is true, that Chef Irvine exaggerated his accomplishments I see this as an attempt to be taken seriously and perhaps due to feelings of inadequacy. However, I strongly support Chef Irvine and pray that Food Network will renew his contract. Chef Irvine is a strong and irreplaceable asset to Food Network.

  • chiffonade said:

    Lying on a resume is often cause for discharge – even if it’s discovered ten years later. There’s an inherent dishonesty which causes an employer to ask the question, “if he lied about THAT, what else is he capable of fictionalizing?”


  • Chrissy said:

    Listem Irvine is a liar it is true that everyone embelishes thier resume that is true but they fudge about things that no one will check on. Saying you cooked for the royal family and did the wedding cake for them is he stupid they would so freaking check on that. Also i agree with the other person up there all i see him do is go shopping and delegate and shout what needs to be done he checks on things and thats all. The menu plan isnt even his he asks everyone for suggestions and then twists it to make it his own.

    And George is the one who does the most work who gets everything done. All Irvine does is say George is this done is that done. Get someone who will get thier hands dirtier.

  • Edward RIvera said:

    Did they impeach Bill Clinton?
    NO !!!
    Why do you have to fire a great entertainer and chef from a hit show because of a harmless lie he said before the show even started?
    Food Network executives, Shame on You!

  • Chilimaster said:

    Talk about lies On the Emeril Live show he is always talking about how he chopped this or made that when in truth it is his crew of fifty in the back doing all the work Watch him try to work a food processor or plate his food He is awful But he is left alone because he is an entertainer Robert Irvine entertains as well as cooks enough said.

  • SESEELEY said:

    Who has not embellished a little to get something you really want. A date with a beautiful woman that is a bit out of your league, or a job you want or how good you are at a sport or a poker game. The initial thing that gets you in the door is not what keeps you in. Proof is in the pudding and I think Robert proved himself well. I enjoy your show very much and I hope to see you again!!! Good luck!!! He who points out the splinter in your nieghbors eye should remove the telephone pole from there own! SS

  • Beltbuckle said:

    that just makes him that much better of a chef! You don’t b.s. taste buds

  • kim said:

    I think that he shouldn’t lie but why did the food network not figure this out a long time ago. It doesn’t take that much work to perform a background check. Irvine is not the only one that should be looking for a new job. Someone in HR at foodnetwork needs to find a new job as well. I really don’t want to have the show cancelled. Maybe they should try out new chiefs to see who can cut it as the captain on the ship. That would be interesting as well.

  • Beltbuckle said:

    As long as they don’t do some stupid “reality” t.v show. I don’t need to watch a bunch of chefs sit around and talk about how nervous they are. Those show are not only getting old, but are old. No matter who they get no one will be another “Robert Irvine”.

  • Tom McDaniel said:

    I hate to see chef Irvine go, he is entertaining and imaginative in the kitchen.The show called for a great chef with alot of imagination so his resume definately proves he has an imagination and so did his creativity in the kitchen.As far as Emeril having a crew of 50 assistants so what, he proved himself as a chef long before food network came along. So I hope that food network forgives and forgets and finds a way to use chef Irvines talents as a chef and not a resume writer!

  • chowhound (author) said:
  • Tom McDaniel said:

    Although Micheal Symon is a good chef although I think he lacks the personality of Robert Irvine. I doubt very much if chef Symon can pull it off as well as chef Irvine and be as entertaining. Chef Irvine had a great sense of humor and a certain pinache that made the show fun to watch!

  • Kathy said:

    I used to turn on the Food Network first thing in the morning. Today, I only turn on that channel for two programs, Robert Irvine’s being one of them. His show was a welcome departure from the oversaturation of soooo many others on that network. I am not at all interested in the new program with the new chef. Oh well, now I’m down to one! Good luck to Robert. (Oh yes — Diners, Drive-ins and Dives with Guy is my other fav).

  • anetnut said:

    I think it was stupid of Food Network to fire Robert. It was obviously a popular show. Yes, what he did was wrong, but it is not the end of the world. Why not leave alone what is such a success? He knows his stuff. I’d like to see the Food Network administration pull off what he did with the time/equipment he was given. While I like Michael Symon, I don’t think he can bring to it what Robert did due to different personalities. I’ll miss the Georges’ as well. They can certainly take the heat. I’m assuming they would go with him. Food Network is one of my favorite stations, but I’m losing faith in them.

  • anetnut said:

    I forgot to mention that Food Network’s other mistake was cancelling Emeril Live. Another big flub. They are going to mess around and lose all their top chefs.

  • stevie said:

    Its called cutting overhead. Don’t ya see?h

  • Tom McDaniel said:

    I haven’t heard anything about the Emeril live cancelation, if it’s true then someone is really screwin up! Emeril live is one of their marquis programs! If they want to trim some overhead they could cancell one of Rachel Rays shows or even one of Giada De Laurentis shows, while both are great to look at neither is a trained chef! Emeril essentialy made the food network what is is today. The chef Irvine issue aside the object of a cooking show is to inform and entertain! I hope the food network gets its act back together soon!

  • Beltbuckle said:

    I agree with you on Racheal and Giada. Emeril has been a pawn for a long time. If I had to watch one more episode on how to fry chicken or make a ham sandwich I was going to puke. Emeril lost his touch and drive years ago. You watch though, Racheal will be next.

  • love REAL cooks said:

    Seems to me that perhaps it was more of a sense that he was TOO much of a braggart and so, for personality reasons, they got rid of him. Not that he couldn’t produce, because he truly showed he got the goods.

    Unfortunately, they kept that stupid braggart redhead bobby flay on, he’s annoying beyond annoying, the one that has like ten shows with ms perky who’s with oprah now.

    maybe irvine didn’t play the game like food network liked and so they were looking “ahem, INVESTIGATING” to give him the boot.

  • Joe said:

    I actualy heard a really good theory from someone. As you know Food Network did a Chefography week where they did a short biography on all their stars. Well someone told me that perhaps they were doing a biography on Irvine and discovered his lies while searching his background.

  • chowhound (author) said:

    Hi Joe – The investigation was originally by the St Pete Times. Irvine had planned to open two restaurants in the Tampa Bay area and local vendors claimed they were owed thousands of dollars and not getting paid. On a more ‘personal’ level in the past Irvine had claimed to be knighted and the paper repeated that in print last summer so you can be sure they were a little miffed about that.

  • Buttercream said:

    I think Robert Irvine is wonderful and I happen to like his rough touch to cooking. No one is perfect. He apologized and was very remorseful, so Food Network Get Over it!!! Tell me one person that has never lied and we know that there are a lot of people out there that pad their resumes. Who cares about a Princess Diana Wedding Cake. Robert was one of the exciting ones on the network. A lot of the other shows are so boring that they put you to sleep. I am most certainly one that will not watch the new show. Good Luck to Robert in whatever he does in the future.

  • Joe said:

    Sorry Buttercream but you are really underestimating his lies. First of all, no professional should lie on a resume. Any field will fire you for that. Secondly, his lies were not small. He lied about working on Princess Dianna’s wedding cake, working for the royal family, working at the White House, being friends with Prince Charles, he even said he was knighted as the highest rank of knight and was given a castle by the queen.

  • Buttercream said:

    You right a professional should not lie on a resume and I do not believe in it but it happens all the time and it is not us peons. I just hate it happened and that he lied because I will miss Robert on Dinner Impossible. I will not be watching the new one. I am just one person and it won’t matter anyway. Good Luck to Robert and also to the new host of the show.

  • NC GIRL said:

    I will no longer watch the show. Robert Irvine is a Brilliant man-(Who Cares what he did to get the job?!!!!!)- The world is getting more screwed up by the minute. Why don’t you spend some time worrying about all the crime ,unemployment,gas prices,Horribly behaved children with you as parents ETC………..!!!!!!!

  • Joe said:

    Irvine is not a brilliant man and this has nothing to do with world hunger?..People who lie on resumes deserve exactly what they get, terminated. There are people who actually have achievements and qualifications who did not get Irvine’s position because of his lies. Anyways imagine if you applied for a job and had great qualifications but got rejected because someone lied about their qualifications.

  • Anonymous said:

    If they did that job better than you probably could I would be envious. Put it this way, he has “Dinner impossible” to put on his resume to shut people up. Hopefully down the line we will see him again…probably not though…good luck robert and try to get your dang restaurant open and coninue your leagacy there. Food network has taken wind of the “reality” gid, time to get off anyways.

  • brandon said:

    As a high rated chef, Im sure he recognizes his mistake and takes full responsibility. But to replace him on the show?, I think it would be better to let the show cancel with its original owner. To replace him would only spoil the reputation it has now.

  • Doris Davis said:

    bring him back m.simon can never be a robert cooking or other wise .he is not that great of a cook even on iron chef

  • Kate said:

    Although I agree Robert Irvine should not have lied on his resume, it is pertinent to point out that in the business world we live in, the majority of higher paid execs have subsequently lied on their resumes. For example, what about the CEO of Radio Shack – he lied in spades! Food Network should have done a background check on his credentials before they hired Robert Irvine. But, since they didn’t it’s a little late to try and make it right – especially since the Dinner: Impossible show was a hit. I don’t think trying to put another host on the show will save it now!

  • Joe said:

    Yes food network SHOULD have done a better background check on him but they learned the truth and he deserves to pay the cost. I watched the sneak peak episode of the new season of dinner impossible and Michael Simon will be a good replacement. Unlike Irvine he actually has a personality and the episode was not him yelling at people.

  • kensue said:

    Yes he lied and yes he should face whatever comes with that lie. But I have to be honest. I won’t be watching the show any more. Love him or hate him, Robert was real on that show. Sometimes he was hard but I understood it. When you care about the job you are doing sometimes people can be abrasive. The show where he did the quince for the girl in Puerto Rico was beautiful! Robert is a terrific chef and I look forward to someone else picking him up to do another great show!

  • Matthius said:

    I am with a lot of these people. Michael Simon sucks, I think it was a big mistake. I will not be watching Dinner Impossible anymore.

  • Terrible Tom said:

    Michael Symon is pretty good and I enjoyed his debut. However, they should find some place for Robert Irvine on the Food Network. The man can really cook for large numbers of people and isn’t that the bottom line on a network devoted to food?

  • Joe said:

    No! Guys he LIED on his resume on a major television network. They were also very large lies. If you are caught lying on your resume in any company you are basically garaunteed to get fired. He is a talented chef but he doesn’t deserve a job at the Food Network anymore.

  • Sarah said:

    Who cares if he lied? He was incredible on the show and that’s what matters. I am beyond disappointed that they’ve replaced him on dinner impossible. Food network is going to lose viewers over this one.

  • Teri said:

    Watching that show is a hour of my life wasted. Symon was dry and boring beyond belief. I would rather chew a mouth full of corn starch then watch him again! RIP Dinner Impossible.

  • Danielle said:

    I don’t condone his lies, however, Michael doesn’t have the same camera presence at Robert did. The show wasn’t nearly as engaging and I didn’t enjoy it. I might watch one more time, but that’s it. I’d rather watch the re-runs or do something else…

  • Cynthia said:

    I can’t believe you got rid of the one man that can make a show worth watching!! Now you bring in a man with no talent!I’m sorry you got rid of a good man over something that is so stupid!(This is not wedding cake Impossible) He pass every mission that was ever given to him and he made that show what it’s. There is no one who can feel his shoe’s !!!!! I’m sorry the new Dinner Impossible truly sucks!!!I hope Robert Irvine come out with his own show !!He deserve it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • christina said:

    I recently wacthed the New show with M.Simon, it was truley aweful. I will miss Irvine and I’m sure the Network will loose alot of viewers do to their changes. Alot of the shows are all the same anyway, just different hosts. Where is the creativity?? Get a clue from the Travel Channel!!!

  • Josh said:

    I agree with christina. Michael’s debut was aweful. He has no place on Dinner Impossible. It takes a special presence to pull off that show. While I do not condone what Robert Irvine did, he did have the presence and the balanced personality to do the show. In regards to previous comments, a lot of Food Network has changed for the worse. They are loosing some of the good shows and keeping some of the worst. I hope Sandra Lee is the next to go. She is so fake and 9 out of 10 people that I know that have tried to make her recipes (including myself) have said they are not any good. I think Food Network will begin to slowly loose more and more viewers unless they pull off some excellent new shows.

  • Josh said:

    just as an addition, true Rachel and Giada aren’t trained chefs, but they are some of the most popular on the network, so I don’t think they are going anywhere yet.

  • Joe said:

    All Giada has to do is keep wearing low cut shirts and her show is there to stay (and I’ll watch it). Rachel Ray has become famous because of bored housewives who need an idol. Honestly she has no cooking talent at all and her recipes are not good. I don’t even like her presence on camera but apparently millions of Americans do, in truth she bothers me.

  • D. DAVIS said:

    Iwant be watching Michael and I no Iwant be missed just write me of as a lost viewer to watching your shows.

  • King Cook said:

    He made some great looking food, but he was a bit of an “A**”

  • Kathie said:

    I had no idea of what had transpired with Robert. I will really miss him, it’s a shame he felt he had to lie to get the job (didn’t he watch Next Food Network Star when the Latino guy lied and was booted out of the competition?) but I bet he will land somewhere else. I would have loved to work in the kitchen with him (and no I am not a trained chef but i can take directions and cook). I don’t care for Michael Symon so will not be watching the new season.

  • D. DAVIS said:

    BOO to michael not a good replacment.

  • Jackie said:

    The only reason I started watching Dinner Impossible was because I found Chef Irvine fascinating. Quite frankly, I don’t care that he didn’t design Princess Di’s wedding cake. Granted, he should not have lied, but I think the network should give him another chance, since I don’t really care for the new host. After reading some of the comments above, it seems I’m in the majority. Now if they really want to fire someone, please get rid of Rachel Ray – I know for unfathomable reason, she has rocketed to stardom, but I just find her obnoxious. I actually preferred her when she was still a little star hosting $40 a day.

  • Joe said:

    That was one of the few lies he had on his resume Jackie. I’m surprised that Food Network did not spot his lies immediately because there were some pretty extravagent claims. I agree that Rachel Ray is very hard to watch. She is not a chef nor does she make good food. Why is she on Food Network? I may watch Michael Simon though his first episode was not that great.

  • Elizabeth said:

    I am extremely disappointed that Robert Irvine will no longer be on Dinner Impossible. It had come to be one of my most watched shows==something I looked forward to because of Robert Irvine. When I saw the ad for the new show, I couldn’t believe that Robert was not the chef. I will not be watching it any more. Robert’s personality is what made the show. In my opinion, no one can replace him.

  • Don said:

    Big mistake – Robert Irvine should never have been fired. I enjoyed his style and wit, he made the show what it was. The new host is boring, maybe he can cook, but without Irvine the show won’t last. What does a dusty old resume have to do with his performance on the show – nothing! I’m so sick of people that act like they have never made a mistake, flex their corporate muscles. I hope Chef Irvine will find a new home on a new network. By the way – The Next Food Network Star was a joke – fixed all the way!

  • BETTY said:


  • Dawn said:

    I am extremely disappointed in FoodNetwork for dismissing Robert Irvine over resume embelishments, lies or whatever you want to call it. Where is the networks responsability in not checking the references to begin with! They are as much at fault for not following up the application as Robert was for exaggerating his experiences. It could have been handled differently and I think the network made a big mistake in firing Irvine. Besh should have won the next Iron Chef America yet it was Michael Simon, who doesn’t seem to be benefiting that show and now that he is taking Mr. Irvines spot, I won’t be watching Dinner Impossible anylonger either. Your list of GOOD shows in diminishing quickly. Maybe the some of the executives need an overhaul.

  • Julio Aponte said:

    I really miss Robert’s show. I don’t like the new Dinner Imposible season. Robert is an exceptional chef. Hope Foodnetwork does something about it.

  • Chris said:

    I recently watched the new episodes of Dinner Impossible and I must cay it is horrible. As a Culinary student I watched in amazment when Chef Irvine cooked. He taught me recipies just by merely watching. its a disgrace to replace him with Chef Symon. In my opinion FoodNetwork should take the show off the air because it’s not even worth watching without Chef Irvine.

  • Food Network Lover said:

    Although Chef Irvine lied, his presence on the show was very entertaining. I will not be watching he show anymore.

  • cleta said:

    I am so dissapointed that chef Irvine is no longer on .. He was so easy to watch and so entertaining.. As for the food network execs.. they need to make changes in the way some of their chefs pronounce their words.. example sandra lee says expresso instead of espresso it is so irratating i usually shut her off. Paula deen … why must she take such huge btes of food ,,, very sickening and not at all lady like. and yall.. my gosh how many times must she say it in one show? and oh yes spatchler ..spatula. and last but not least down home with the neeleys.. this show is bordering on an x rating clean it up. shame on you gordon eliot.. Rachael and giada most definately need to wear their necklines somewhat higher,, it is a cooking show not a fashion show. i could go on and on but i don;t have time.. I just do not watch the food netwok hardly at all.. The new show “big daddys kitchen is great,, you need more like that,, PS bring chef Irvine back .. he is great. paka

  • cleta said:

    why all the reruns,, Ive seen paula deens family vacation about 5 times .. also chicken challenge… 5 or 6 times in the past 2 months. lets get something new .sandra lee is very phony and pretentious . who wears clothes to match their kitchen decor? please. why does the barefoot contessa chop vegetables for recipes and leave some on the board, it drives me crazy.. she is a very messy cook.she pronounces cognac kunyak.. that also is very irritating.. sandra lee pronounces espresso…expresso.. , she should be corrected. do you ax a question or ask a question?

  • georgeanna jennings said:

    i dont agree wiht robert and the way he conducted himself but dinner impossible was one of my favorite shows. i will not watch it again because this new chef can not hold a candle to robert,maybe he will show up somewhere else.

  • D. DAVIS said:

    Simon show was very sorry a waste of air time .food network tryed to mix him on the first 30min then put robert on last in hope people will turn so it will show people are watching but I only watch roberts,part the last 30mins take note people they are using robert reruns to get DI RATEING WATCH THE TIMES.

  • D. Gonzales said:

    Simon sucks esp. the Alcatraz episode. How convenient all the ingredients he needs for all his dishes is already available. I did enjoy watching Robert hunt down groceries and the quality of his show I looked forward to. Simon just lacks the charisma and charm Irvine had. Sorry but this show is going down the tubes

  • Danny said:

    Robert Irvine is still the best chef I have seen on the food network so who cares if he lied, can any of you honestly say u havent? Michael Simon shouldnt have won the next iron chef nor should he be the new host. Bring Irvine back or not but dont insult his accomplishments.You should get a clue when no one wants to challenge him on Iron Chef, no one wants to watch him so dont give him a new show! I could go on and on about how pissed I am at how stupid the food network has become but im gona stop and say Irvine was the best host for the show, so if u dont want him hosting a show then cancel it, you wouldnt have paula dean hosting good eats if alton brown got fired would you? It’s just not right. Im boycotting the new Dinner Impossible

  • howy21 said:

    Well just about every one I know get inventive on their resumes. Irving appears to have gone too far, but his show was fun to watch. Food Network should just cancel it because the replacement is not worth watching.

  • beltbuckle said:

    I am glad to see that everybody thinks simon sucks!!! Irvine was a good chef and deserves his show back!!!! Hopefully the “higher-ups” at foodnetwork will read this and admit they too were wrong in their decsions making. Foodnetwork, be the good guy, let Irvine come back and save some of your ratings. Do like Big daddy’s house though. Glad he won the competition.

  • jason said:

    i found that Robert Irvine was the best man for the job at dinner Impossible

  • Miss Bibbian said:

    Don’t the food network “Honcho’s” verify this infomation ahead of time. I understand that the organization is trying to operate with integrity but wasn’t there a way to handle this with out firing him. Who would have known???

  • kmw said:

    OK so Irvine embellished his resume. How many idiot rock and roll stars out there did the same, and we still worship their music. Irvine had a great show. Food Network is acting like he’s running for President or something. Give me a break!!! Fire the Food Network idiots and bring back the entertainment. You guys out there at Food Network are full of it if you think you are all 100% clean!!!

  • Stuart said:

    I really enjoyed watching Robert – especially the one-hour episodes where we see more of the ‘small’ things. The new guy is just not interesting. Perhaps he would have been okay if he had not had to follow Robert’s footsteps. But as it is now, it is just depressing to see the drop in quality. I have watched a couple of the new episodes, but I doubt that I’ll be watching more.

  • Mike said:

    Michael Irvine did make a mistake but the firing was very harsh. His show rocked and his replacement is just so tired! I urge the Food Network to bring Irvine back either at Dinner Impossible or a new show. Trust me, with the ratings and loyal viewers that Irvine was able to attain another network will sweep him up soon.

  • Joe said:

    To all those saying the firing was too harsh I can only assume that you have never worked in a profesional environment. Food Network did what any professional corporation would do to an employee who lied on a resume.

    And to those saying that lying on a resume is no big deal I can only assume you have never needed to write a resume. There’s a difference between making yourself shine a little on a resume and flat out lying. Irvine flat out lied about accomplishments he never did. He also brought other people into his lies such as the royal family and white house.

    It’s a shame because I don’t believe he needed to lie and I’m not sure why he felt the need. I am not watching the new episodes of Dinner Impossible. So that means I am now down to just Good Eats and Iron Chef.

  • Christa said:

    What a shame! Dinner Impossible was such a good show – when it was hosted by Irvine. I couldn’t even get through the first 10 minutes with the newbie guy! Next channel please!!!

  • John D. said:

    I know when you let robert irvine go that you had your reasons and the reasons that I have read seem minor and definetly not a good reason. I think that when you judge a persons character you judge it on what you saw not what hype was said about him. He wanted to be as good as the other people on food network so he embelished a little bit. But by no means did it hurt the ratings of his show. There is no bad publicity. Robert Irvine mad the show what it was and was absolutely amazing at what he did. I am speaking for me and every one that I know when I say that Michael Simon is ruining the show. The show is horrible now almost unberable to watch. And some of the people who produce the show should see how bad it is. I can speak for everyone I know when I say I will not watch another episode of this show as long as michael simon is the chef. I ask and beg that you bring back robert irvine he has shown for many years that he is more than able to meet and excede the expectations for the challenges and the show. He should be judged for his abilities not his experience from 25 years ago. Dinner Impossible was the reason I kept watching food network and now the only reason I have left is iron chef. There is a reason that there are no episodes with michael simon. No one wants to sit through an episode with him. And i know that people love to hate someone and that you can get ratings like that too but not in this case. People don’t hate him, he is not an unlikeable person, people are bored by him. He brings nothing exciting to the table. I will not watch and none of the people I know will watch another episode with him in it. I will post this message in some blogs so that other advertisers are able to read it and hopefully it will deter some companies from buying timeslots for the show. Otherwise I dont know how else my opinion will matter. I want this show pulled or michael simon pulled. Thank You John D.

  • Eydie said:

    My husband and I were faithful watchers of Dinner Impossible and we miss Robert Irvine. My husband tried to watch the new guy and he said it just wasn’t even close and it is no longer on our list of shows on Sunday evening. Robert was good and I think he was what made that show work. I liked his gruffness it gave the show character and that what grabs interest. It wasn’t just the same-old-same week after week. We wanted to see how Robert would react to the different situations. He had an attitude but it worked well. More than that he did the job and got did it well. We would like to see him back!\

  • Lisa said:

    Im really sorry to hear about this. I truly enjoyed this show and Robert Irvine. I probably won’t look for it again knowing he’s not on it. Maybe he did lie on his resume I don’t think that had anything to do with my likeing the show so much. I usualy detest cooking shows Irvine made this one fun

  • Gary said:

    If you lie on your resume, especially a BIG lie… or two, you should be fired because it’s likely that you would not have been hired in the first place without misleading your potential employer. It’s a shame because Robert made the show what it was, very good.

    I watched Michael Symon a few times and I thought he was also very good. The problem is that many of you are comparing Michael with Robert. That’s like the Rolling Stones getting a new singer and peole complaining that he’s not as good as Mick. Give Michael a chance. He is very skilled and has a great personality.

  • Lisa said:

    Gary sorry but I know what I like and what I don’t. Maybe it sounds closed minded to you but I’ve watched millions of cooking shows and their hosts and Robert Irvine is the first one I’ve ever truly enjoyed. Choosing not give Michael a chance is because Ive been bored all to many times and I know what to expect.

  • g said:

    i am so mad he was a great chef and my idol so i wont watch the show any more because who could replace him . he was hilarious but a chef at the same time.

  • Tilesha said:

    I loved watching Dinner Impossible with Robert Irvine. As soon as I saw Michael Symon on the show I stopped watching, and I have not tuned in since. I will not watch Dinner Impossible until Robert is back.

  • mickey said:

    How were the ratings? food network, cut the losses and ask yourself, was this show watchable? of course it was…i’m watching re-runs right now. Robert can be an asshole but is that not what America is enthralled with? get over it and tell him to get his shit together…Mickey

  • Michelle sub chi town said:

    You are right but Robert is better than the person who is on the show know.

  • Bedroom Nightmares: Gordon Ramsay Laughs Off Alleged Affair | Kitchen Warfare said:

    [...] you may recall, when Dinner Impossible’s Robert Irvine lost his job over a bogus resume KW readers seemed divided and many claimed that without Irvine they’d [...]

  • Did The Food Network Scam Everyone? Turns Out Robert Irvine Never Really ‘Gone’. | Kitchen Warfare said:

    [...] you have to do is read the comments by our readers about Robert Irvine being fired to know that most Dinner Impossible  viewers wanted him back, but what we didn’t know was [...]

  • maggie said:


  • maggie said:


  • Kristine said:

    Joe its really too bad that you are so narrow-minded about robert’s show. It was his show the food channel knew he would bring in tons of viewers and making a whole lot of money for them! I’m sure you not watching won’t hurt anyone but you since it sounds like you could learn quite a bit from robert irvine about cooking and everything else! 12/21/08

  • Jennifer said:

    I loved watching Robert cook! HE IS HOT! He makes you want to pick up something a cook! I will not be watching the show anymore. Its just not the same.

  • AZDramaMama said:

    A fry cook at McDonald’s can claim to have cooked for the President. That doesn’t make them a good chef. Robert had already proved his chops in the kitchen and his likability with fans. IMO as long as Sandra Lee is on the air, I don’t need anything else to prove that Robert deserves his own show.

  • Anonymous said:

    bull crap

  • chowhound (author) said:
  • beltbuckle said:

    that just made my day!!!!
    way to go robert!!! Now you have ot keep up the good work.

  • cletus said:

    you people seriously belive this internet bullspit your pathetic get a real life who cares if he truly didnt design the “queens” cake its a tv show ppl go outside and get a real life instead of watching his show then

  • Tony Cavallo said:

    I don’t care what anyone says. Robert may have lied on several occasion; however, this is television, and I cannot picture anyone else who could actually pull off what Robert pulls off on the Dinner Impossible show (one of my favorite ones I might add).

    He is a fantastic chef with real talent and anyone who had half a brain can see that he puts his absolute heart and soul into each and every task.

    His team clearly has immense respect for the guy and break their backs for him. Why would anyone do that if they were working with someone who didnt demand respect through their actions and merits?

    In the world of television, your mind can play silly tricks on you and if you are unfamiliar with this realm, you can get sucked into this “i am better than you are” crap. I think that is basically WHAT HAS HAPPENED HERE. Robert has been very stupid and has now paid the price. That aside, I wouldnt bother to watch the show if he wasnt on it anymore. He is the star. Im not just saying that because I am English. That has nothing to do with it. I am saying that because he is the beating heart of the show. Without him, the show is dead!

    Have a nice day :-)

  • Anonymous said:

    The show isn’t the same without Robert irvine! I was recording it on my tv and when I watched the first episodes with the new host I imediatly stopped recording it!

  • DM said:

    Who cares about this crap, I love Robert, I hope any network will pick him up, I Love watching him on any show, I wish they (anyone)would create a show ” Home Impossible” I would definitely would volunteer to have him help me!!!!

  • db said:

    if they fire robert there show will fail and fast, so what if he lied about something, everybody does and just the fact that everybody is mad that he lied over a cake makes all you guys look bad. its all a big joke that ill be laughing about for years to come. (getting fired over a cake lol). how stupid does that sound. if you want to here another joke, just watch miley cyrus go out and smoke weed.

  • Heather said:

    I am not Happy he was let go. And will not watch it if they replace him.H

  • brenda said:

    I bet he can cook better than some chefs He is more than welcome to come to our town and cook. Everybody makeing a big deal out of how he cooked for they are only human’ if he was cooking for GOD it would be something different.

  • Nikki said:

    I think this would have been a shame, if it were true! I think Robert Irvine is VERY competent, and he’s the ONLY reason I watch the “Impossible” series of shows! I think he DOES make a difference in restaurants, and he is an asset and important part of the Food Network Family. I enjoy watching him. I’ll try new shows out if he’s on them.

  • Joe said:

    Nikki…you realize this was 4 years ago lol

    There were lies in his resume and Food Network pulled him from Dinner Impossible. FN did not part ways with him however and he remained active on the network and eventually got air time again.

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