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Well you know us, we make fun of everything and its hard not to resist poking fun at the obvious. But of course the sobering reality is that many of us struggle with our weight and having a higher awareness and interest in the culinary arts can make ‘watching your weight’ a lot more challenging. It’s one thing to like to eat, but its made even more difficult by the ability and the PASSION for creating the best possible food we can. If we’re trying to lose weight many …

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Some of the best recipes and food related stories come from the local news. While we don’t know exactly where YOU live, here are a few local stories from across the world that caught our eye last week.

In Storm Lake, Iowa, Pilot-Tribune Editor Dana Larsen compares fast food to ‘grocery food’ by eating nothing but for two weeks (each).

In the Rapid City Journal (South Dakota), Tanya Manus claims that beets are one secret to a moist and delicious chocolate cake and she backs it up with a easy recipe.

In …

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Two Christmas ‘standards’ we’ve tried.
Chestnuts Roasted On An Open Fire Oven
I have to admit I approached the chestnuts project with great anticipation. I love the concept of the ‘old fashioned not quite so glitzy’ Christmas and roasted chestnuts sounded like something right out of Dickens. As it turned out tho this was a huge waste of time. I roasted them in a oven and I thought they were quite tasty. However we served them at a party of about 30 people and almost no one was interested in trying …

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After a few days of visiting family in Kissimmee and eating great Cuban food in Tampa we headed back towards Old Town, FL to spend a few more days working on our property before heading back to our present day home in the hills of Can-Tuc-kee. On the way out of town we stopped at La Segunda yet again for a stock of bread to take back home and a hot loaf to enjoy on the way out of town.
This time our route took us up the west cost …

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As you know here at Kitchen Warfare we’re a big believer in quality ingredients and there just isn’t anything fresher, tastier and healthier than what you can grow in your own garden.
Or as our indigenous rural neighbors say, ‘Food for the Table’.
You may not think you have the space to make growing your own food worthwhile and while more is definitely better you don’t need a lot of space to get something you can use and really appreciate. Even on a window sill or apartment balcony you can generally grow …

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One obstacle you may encounter when scratch cooking for other folks is the time quality food prep can and often takes. Consider that in a mind powered by a starving stomach you and your raw ingredients, sharp cutlery and expensive cookware are up against a 1500 watt microwave and a box of frozen Stouffer’s (NO of COURSE I can’t make a Lasagna from scratch in 3 minutes and 20 seconds!). Now I can’t say I know for sure that the people I cook for wouldn’t rather eat frozen …

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This pizza is referenced (with picture) in the article ‘Outstanding Pizza From Scratch In 50 minutes’
The motivation for this pie was to see how quickly I could prepare a pizza from scratch. What started as an Iron Chef sort of effort ended up as an excellent pizza I’ll make again and again.

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When I was a kid growing up in Florida one of our holiday favorites was Orange Rum cake. Its a little different than the typical hodgepodge of cakes and besides it was just fun to make. I liked helping to shave the orange and lemon zest (peel) and there was something cool even then about a cake that needed to sit for a few days before you could eat it. And it had RUM. No matter that its hardly a trace amount, as a kid it was just a fun …

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The trick is remove the backbone so you can lay him flat for faster cooking (called butterflying). Using this method you can roast an entire chicken in less than an hour (about 50 minutes or so).
Behold the test chicken.

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This is pretty good deal on a 2 knife set from Calphalon. For $29 you get an 8-Inch Chef’s Knife and 5-Inch Santoku Knife. I’ve had these about a month and they’re pretty nice for the money. Check out the outstanding reviews on Amazon and you’ll see what I mean. Its a good way to get some decent sharp steel that will hold an edge for a budget price.