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If you’ve often thought the food at your barbecue was good enough to stamp your name on our guess is it costs a lot less than you think. For a very reasonable $14.95 you can have your own personal aluminum branding iron complete with 55 changeable letters and 8 blank spaces on a two line track. So not only can you remind folks who grilled their food you can also use your new branding iron to burn in customized messages for special events like ‘Happy Birthday’ or for special …

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Tim Cuprisin of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel provides us with a great interview of Food Network’s Bobby Flay. Cuprisin has a relaxed conversation with Flay and is able to cover a wide range of topics including-

Flay’s becoming a celebrity chef (back then cooking wasn’t cool)
The evolution and direction of the Food Network
The controversy he unknowingly created by standing on his cutting board in his Iron Chef battle against Morimoto.
On how nowadays ‘real men’ have become ‘ok’ with home cooking
Much respect for Julia Child
And not so much for Guy Fieri, …

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63% of you prefer Bobby Flay?
If you’ve read KW for any length of time you know we’re very cynical about . . . well most things really. So generally speaking when companies conduct their own consumer surveys (95% polled love Kitchen Warfare, 3% can’t read, 4% can’t count) we tend to take them with a grain of salt. But that doesn’t mean we don’t like to read and ponder.
So up for roasting today is the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association’s (HPBA) national consumer poll on backyard barbecuing. After all …

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Yep its time once again to pick the best Chinese restaurant in America. Actually since this is the 5th year and the contest starts in February and ends with an announcement the following January there doesn’t seem to be much time that we’re NOT picking the Top 100 Chinese Restaurants. But no matter everyone loves a contest, especially one that serves everyone’s self-interests. Restaurant owners get to remind us of who and where they are, we get to see what other people think of them and maybe just maybe …

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Some of the best recipes and food related stories come from the local news. While we don’t know exactly where YOU live, here are a few local stories from across the world that caught our eye last week.

In Storm Lake, Iowa, Pilot-Tribune Editor Dana Larsen compares fast food to ‘grocery food’ by eating nothing but for two weeks (each).

In the Rapid City Journal (South Dakota), Tanya Manus claims that beets are one secret to a moist and delicious chocolate cake and she backs it up with a easy recipe.

In …