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Harvard’s New Food Pyramid – Big Brains Say Exercise, Less Bad Food/More Good Food The Secret


FinalSmall Well you know us, we make fun of everything and its hard not to resist poking fun at the obvious. But of course the sobering reality is that many of us struggle with our weight and having a higher awareness and interest in the culinary arts can make ‘watching your weight’ a lot more challenging. It’s one thing to like to eat, but its made even more difficult by the ability and the PASSION for creating the best possible food we can. If we’re trying to lose weight many (most perhaps) would argue we SHOULD be using Splenda for our sweetener and apple sauce and yogurt for our fats etc etc but personally I have found I just cannot live with this. I once had a plate of ‘healthy brownies’ made with faux fats, faux sugars and faux eggs and my new neighbor who had heard of but not yet sampled my food said ‘So you made this?’. I have rarely used a substitute since. Instead I’ve adopted what is for me the far more sensible course of portion control. Alton Brown says it best, ‘There are no bad foods, just bad food habits’. My personal bad food habit is eating too much of it so I’ve just recently become a strict calorie counter. Eat what you want, you just have to count it and stop before you go over. More on this later.

But back on topic (sorta) its important to know what’s really good for you and what isn’t. Then try to prepare dishes using as many of the good ingredients as possible. For example you can enjoy a huge serving of bleu cheese dressing (3oz = 450 calories) if you use it to cover a 6 inch head of lettuce (75 calories). By contrast some foods have absolutely NO redeeming qualities whatsoever like say sausage gravy or Alfredo sauce. Of course you can have any of these too, just in extreme moderation.

And now on to the new food pyramid called the Healthy Eating Pyramid. Its searchable, downloadable and free. It’s also part of the revamped Nutrition Source site that shares research and recipes from other smart people and chefs. Sometimes both.

The Healthy Eating Pyramid [via]

Popularity: 97% [?]


  • chiffonade said:

    You know, when they did the first food pyramid, I thought to myself, “Even when they had it right, they got it wrong.” First, the use of the word “servings” was a horrible choice. A “serving” to me (and pretty much anyone else I asked) was one third of my plate. (One protein, one starch, one vegetable.) When they said you need something like “eleven servings” of something, no one knew what they meant. The foods were laid out correctly on the pyramid but they used awful descriptors. And the coup de grace of the first pyramid: They left out exercise.

    Even if you ate only the foods prescribed by the pyramid in only the quantities advised, you STILL need to move around and expend the calories; not to mention work your heart muscle.

    As far as this quote: “…having a higher awareness and interest in the culinary arts can make ‘watching your weight’ a lot more challenging.” Brother, you’ve said a mouthful.

  • chowhound (author) said:

    Well said chiffonade!

    And for this:

    . . . .can make ‘watching your weight’ a lot more challenging.” >>>>>Brother, you’ve said a mouthful.< <<< you win pun of the week. 🙂

  • Arthur Karugu said:

    I agree completely.Once in a while you may indulge…’s human nature! but always make sure the larger portion of your food is always full of vegetables,fruits and cholesterol free and unprocessed products.By topping up with some exercise you will live a much longer and productive lifestyle.
    Thats what we are try to advocate in our site and also ways of how our products can be delivered anywhere globally.

  • Harvard New Food Pyramid Big Brains Say Exercise Less Bad | Green Tea Fat Burner said:

    […] Harvard New Food Pyramid Big Brains Say Exercise Less Bad Posted by root 3 hours ago ( Comment by chiffonade subscribed to comments via email 2008 05 15 12 16 09 and the coup de grace of the first pyramid they left out exercise Discuss  |  Bury |  News | Harvard New Food Pyramid Big Brains Say Exercise Less Bad […]

  • Chiffonade said:

    I got notified there was another response (1.13.2010) but the most recent is from 2009. (Maybe a SPAMMER perpetrated a “drive by.”)

    In any case, glad you all enjoyed my comments :D. As for discussing exercise – it should have definitely been made part of the original pyramid. Exercise keeps the metabolism performing at optimal levels, exercise keeps the heart healthy and as for women, resistance training is a must to keep the bones strong. Exercise also helps fight Father Time. 😉

    We can’t improve the health of our children if we don’t reinforce the importance of exercise and conscious eating, both by word and deed.

  • Gabriel Anderson said:

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  • rchlerclay said:

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