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I’ve been cooking for over 30 years but I’ve never gotten as an enthusiastic response as I did to this week’s dessert effort – Dog biscuits. If you’re looking for validation of your cooking prowess, I doubt you can find a better audience to howl your praises.
Last week after unpacking the new KitchenAid Stand Mixer I needed a test run recipe. Dog Biscuits seemed perfect. Pretty much no matter what I do wrong there will be no smug remarks and even the most botched effort would be forgiven in an …

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I’ve always loved making President Kennedy’s waffles. First and foremost JFK knew a good waffle when he ate one, it’s a really good recipe. And secondly if you messed them up and anyone complained . . .
‘I didn’t realize JFK liked his waffles ‘blackened’.
you always had the perfect out . . .
‘Shut your pie hole, if they were good enough for President Kennedy, they’re good enough for you’.
To be fair I doubt President Kennedy’s chef had to use the same waffle iron my Dad gave me as a gift in …

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I’m not going to lie to you, making your own pizza is more work than picking up the phone and ordering a cardboard frisbee. It’s also more work than driving down for a slightly better than delivery frisbee (now with less cardboard!) at your local pizzeria. But its also a lot better. When the question of pizza comes up in the Chowhound’s house the request always is ‘Will you make one?’. When you tell people ‘I make my own pizza’ they are understandably skeptical. I guess their minds go …