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Two million IPhone users can’t be wrong, Epicurious’ recipe app is a very useful tool for the home chef on the go and its now available for Android.  The app includes all 28,000 Epicurious recipes, a shopping list and voice search capability. And best of all its free.

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Some of the best recipes and food related stories come from the local news. While we don’t know exactly where YOU live, here are a few local stories from across the world that caught our eye last week.

From Indiana, Pennsylvania the recipes of the finalists in their Potluck recipe contest. Also other entries the judges enjoyed.
A few cornbread recipes from Knoxville
An article on Great British Puddings in the Daily Telegraph (UK). Also Waitrose, a supermarket chain starts carrying Ostrich eggs.
From Hilton Head Island/Bluffton, South Carolina Justin Paprocki tells us …

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Some of the best recipes and food related stories come from the local news. While we don’t know exactly where YOU live, here are a few local stories from across the world that caught our eye last week.

In Storm Lake, Iowa, Pilot-Tribune Editor Dana Larsen compares fast food to ‘grocery food’ by eating nothing but for two weeks (each).

In the Rapid City Journal (South Dakota), Tanya Manus claims that beets are one secret to a moist and delicious chocolate cake and she backs it up with a easy recipe.

In …

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If you want a great pancake recipe I’ll be glad to hook you up but if you want to take your pancakes to the next level then check out some of these recipes from the Pancakes With Personality National Contest. Everyone knows if you want your dish to have ‘personality’ then it needs a cool name. Just seeing the titles of recipes like Happy Apple Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream, Original Yates House Caramel Apple Pecan Pancakes, and Sweet Potato Griddle Cakes with Rum Butter Drizzle has us firing …

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Two Christmas ‘standards’ we’ve tried.
Chestnuts Roasted On An Open Fire Oven
I have to admit I approached the chestnuts project with great anticipation. I love the concept of the ‘old fashioned not quite so glitzy’ Christmas and roasted chestnuts sounded like something right out of Dickens. As it turned out tho this was a huge waste of time. I roasted them in a oven and I thought they were quite tasty. However we served them at a party of about 30 people and almost no one was interested in trying …

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I was curious if being familiar with the keys you might know about a place we got stuffed cuban bread from when I was very young…maybe about 1974-1976? It was filled with some kind of a ground beef mixture that was out of this world, the place was very small and had maybe two booths. I wish I had the name of it. I have looked for recipes, tried to recreate it myself in vain, any pointers?
Hi Francie,
I’ve not spent a lot of time in the Keys (Cedar Key is …

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Kitchen Warfare’s Cuban Bread (Tampa Style)

I am addicted to Cuban bread. Blame that on the fact that I was born, raised and lived in Tampa, FL for 40 years. My grandfather’s house was in old Ybor City on 26th Ave, just down from Tampa’s premier Cuban bread producer, La Segunda Central Bakery and as a product of Latin heritage I was raised on a steady diet of Tampa style Cuban and Spanish food. But a few years back a professional opportunity took me from the Sunshine State to hill country. Now there is some …

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I’m not sure what first attracted me to a spicy soup recipe during the hot summer drought we’re experiencing on our part of the rock but for some reason I wanted to try this one the moment I saw it. Perhaps it was that I like most things that include the words ‘spicy’ and ‘chicken’ or maybe it was the eclectic ingredients list but for whatever reason it ‘spoke to me’ right off the bat. The original recipe has you boiling and shredding chicken for an hour, the …

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With acres to mow and our large garden getting started it seems we have a lot less time to spend in the kitchen this time of year. So to that end we’re always up for good quality food that doesn’t involve a drive thru (of course I say the same thing during football season). Nothing against fast food mind you, it has its time and place but where we live it’s a 45 min round trip to the nearest Burger Doodle anyway so any quality food we can fix …

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Sometimes the food we fix has a great story. This one doesn’t.

I mean I’m sure it does for some folks but for me my grandma never made it when I was a kid, I never lived in Cajun country and I never found a lost recipe for it in an old family cookbook that I parlayed into Uncle Chowhound’s Famous Homemade Long Lost Original Classic Family HomeStyle Red Beans and Sausage (available at grocery stores near you!).
Pretty cool how I can get a whole paragraph out of ‘ no …