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Cook’s Illustrated Non-Sticks It To ‘Preferred’ Subscribers

You always hurt the ones you love. This morning we got an email from Cook’s Illustrated with a ‘Special Thanks’ offer to preferred subscribers. Its a letter ‘signed’ by Kimball himself in which he says ” I really do go over our records and note our “repeat customers” like you” (and it was underlined so you know its true).
A special offer just for me? With all the enthusiasm of Ralphie from Christmas Story deciphering Little Orphan Annie’s coded message I scanned the email for the love I was sure …

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There is a great article written by Linda Shaprio on Slate critiquing Gordon Ramsay’s (him again!?) new book ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food’ in which Ramsay like so many celebrity chefs attempts to convince that the only difference between your cooking and theirs is a few tips and recipes ultimately worth about $25.
Shaprio writes-
Fantasy has always played a big part in beat-the-clock cookbooks; in fact, the category relies on it, as Ramsay’s book makes clear. Despite the shopping lists, the step-by-step directions, the time-saving tips, and the authors who insist …

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Maybe, maybe not.
In an article appearing in today’s Belfast Telegraph journalist Michael Booth warns us not to follow recipes or listen to celebrity chefs.
His assertion is that “recipes don’t work”. His credentials? A year of cooking school. What’s he selling? A book that has recipes in it.
By his own admission before Michael went to cooking school his food was terrible, his soufflés imploded, his sauces tasted like creosote. Why? Well he blames the recipes and the chefs that wrote them.
Sigh . . .
This is a lot like blaming the instructions …

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At least 27 different SUPERMARKET BRANDS made by Sara Lee could be effected and have been recalled.
From the ‘Why We Like To Make Our Own Food” Dept: According to Reuters and other news sources a Sara Lee factory in Meridian, Mississippi has been spewing out loaves of bread potentially laced with chunks of metal. The company recalled the bread after they realized a flour sifter was damaged and possibly some metal had made its way into the bread. I take that to mean there were chunks of metal missing …

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For years whenever I needed minced garlic I’d do one of two things. If it was a small amount I’d mince by hand and if were a large bit I’d toss the cloves into the food processor.
About year or so ago I picked up a cheap garlic press and it just wasn’t sturdy enough to mince the fresh firm garlic we grow here at Kitchen Warfare and I gave up on it. Then a few weeks later I saw a garlic press made by OXO that looked like you …

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When I first saw Tom Dickson turn a rake handle into sawdust with a blender I thought he might be a candidate for our dubious prestigious Honorary Kitchen Warrior award. But as it turns out he’s just a guy trying to sell blenders.
But what the heck, overall commercials are a lot more fun to watch nowadays than they used to be. And the ‘Will It Blend?’ series is no exception, its so much fun watching Tom blend everything from marbles to cell phones that its easy to ignore that someone’s …

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So how did I solve the stand mixer dilemma? I caved completely.

Like many Kitchen Warriors I’ve always wanted a good stand mixer. If like me you bake at a moderate pace for a small patronage you probably find yourself right on the fence of an expensive purchase. And with good reason because a decent mixer is one of the more costly small appliances you’re likely to consider for the home kitchen. Its not to be taken lightly.

I started out with the notion I wanted a KitchenAid and after reading …

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This is pretty good deal on a 2 knife set from Calphalon. For $29 you get an 8-Inch Chef’s Knife and 5-Inch Santoku Knife. I’ve had these about a month and they’re pretty nice for the money. Check out the outstanding reviews on Amazon and you’ll see what I mean. Its a good way to get some decent sharp steel that will hold an edge for a budget price.