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Some of the best recipes and food related stories come from the local news. While we don’t know exactly where YOU live, here are a few local stories from across the world that caught our eye last week.

In Storm Lake, Iowa, Pilot-Tribune Editor Dana Larsen compares fast food to ‘grocery food’ by eating nothing but for two weeks (each).

In the Rapid City Journal (South Dakota), Tanya Manus claims that beets are one secret to a moist and delicious chocolate cake and she backs it up with a easy recipe.

In …

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It’s back for a 4th season and this time network heavyweight Bobby Flay is on the selection committee full time. Also on the line up this season are guest judges Martha Stewart, Rachael Ray, Giada De Laurentiis, Alton Brown, Cat Cora, Sandra Lee, Gina and Pat Neely, Masaharu Moriomto, Tyler Florence, Michael Symon and Season Two winner Guy Fieri.
Challenges this season include everything from a late night race through Manhattan to teaming up with the Girl Scouts to fix healthy meals.
Also Food Network will allow online voting in …

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Here’s an interview (of sorts) with one of our favorite TV Chefs, Masaharu Morimoto the 3rd and perhaps best known Iron Chef Japanese from the original Iron Chef (Japan). Morimoto speaks of experience as an Iron Chef and his cooking style in general.
Also in case you haven’t heard, the original Iron Chef will be returning to television on May 5th at 11pm courtesy of the Fine Living Network.

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There is a great article written by Linda Shaprio on Slate critiquing Gordon Ramsay’s (him again!?) new book ‘Gordon Ramsay’s Fast Food’ in which Ramsay like so many celebrity chefs attempts to convince that the only difference between your cooking and theirs is a few tips and recipes ultimately worth about $25.
Shaprio writes-
Fantasy has always played a big part in beat-the-clock cookbooks; in fact, the category relies on it, as Ramsay’s book makes clear. Despite the shopping lists, the step-by-step directions, the time-saving tips, and the authors who insist …

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Do you KNOW that you could mop the floor with the chefs on Bravo’s smash hit cooking competition series?
Well no, some of those pointy haired folks are pretty slick but if YOU do Bravo is inviting you to try out for the next season of their hit cooking reality show Top Chef. If you’ve never seen it, Top Chef is by far the most cerebral of the popular cooking reality shows. If you’ve been soured by Hell’s Kitchen which is more about the yelling (fun its own way) …

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Food Network announced today that Michael Symon will replace fired host Robert Irvine on “Dinner: Impossible”
Symon won last years Next Iron Chef competition and appears on Iron Chef America. Food Network will begin taping new episodes this week to air later this summer. The new show will be one hour.
According to the AP Symon said-
“I’m really looking forward to the challenges that are going to be thrown my way and nothing gets me more pumped than someone telling me that something is ‘impossible’”.
Associated Press Story

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Speaking of Gordon Ramsay (and I’m about to twice in one day) a restaurant owner who got his culinary arse chewed by Ramsay is suing the celebrity chef for ruining his business by insulting him on the TV show Kitchen Nightmares (USA).
So his business was failing, an expert came in (word is Gordon knows a thing or two about restaurants) and yelled at him, then gave him expert advice, then refurbished his restaurant and it still failed. On the surface who’s to blame here?
But on the other hand the …

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Apparently Gordon Ramsay has been ‘caught’ by the British press in LA scarfing down fast food hamburgers. Good for him. Probably the most annoying thing about the recent popularity of celebrity chefs and general interest in preparing quality food are the quasi-chefs/food snobs who would have you believe that you have no idea what good food is unless you prepare dishes (usually French, small portioned and boring) using ingredients that no one else has ever heard of. Truth of the matter is I’ve known a number of 3 …

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If you want a great pancake recipe I’ll be glad to hook you up but if you want to take your pancakes to the next level then check out some of these recipes from the Pancakes With Personality National Contest. Everyone knows if you want your dish to have ‘personality’ then it needs a cool name. Just seeing the titles of recipes like Happy Apple Pancakes with Cinnamon Cream, Original Yates House Caramel Apple Pecan Pancakes, and Sweet Potato Griddle Cakes with Rum Butter Drizzle has us firing …

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TMZ is reporting that Robert Irvine’s been canned by Food Network.
After it was discovered that Robert lied about his credentials — including having designed Princess Diana’s wedding cake — Food Network honchos investigated the situation and today released a statement saying they “have not renewed Robert’s contract for future seasons” and “will be looking for a replacement host.”