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Just to follow up and give OXO their props I just got a brand new replacement for the broken garlic press. To be fair to OXO it arrived in our area a few days ago but because we’re on a private road in rural Can-Tuc-Kee any time we don’t get our regular UPS/FedEx/DHL driver the completely confused replacement person circles the hill once, maybe twice and then either leaves the package at a random house just to get it off the truck or at the home of the areas …

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With acres to mow and our large garden getting started it seems we have a lot less time to spend in the kitchen this time of year. So to that end we’re always up for good quality food that doesn’t involve a drive thru (of course I say the same thing during football season). Nothing against fast food mind you, it has its time and place but where we live it’s a 45 min round trip to the nearest Burger Doodle anyway so any quality food we can fix …

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As you know here at Kitchen Warfare we’re a big believer in quality ingredients and there just isn’t anything fresher, tastier and healthier than what you can grow in your own garden.
Or as our indigenous rural neighbors say, ‘Food for the Table’.
You may not think you have the space to make growing your own food worthwhile and while more is definitely better you don’t need a lot of space to get something you can use and really appreciate. Even on a window sill or apartment balcony you can generally grow …