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I was curious if being familiar with the keys you might know about a place we got stuffed cuban bread from when I was very young…maybe about 1974-1976? It was filled with some kind of a ground beef mixture that was out of this world, the place was very small and had maybe two booths. I wish I had the name of it. I have looked for recipes, tried to recreate it myself in vain, any pointers?
Hi Francie,
I’ve not spent a lot of time in the Keys (Cedar Key is …

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Kitchen Warfare’s Cuban Bread (Tampa Style)

I am addicted to Cuban bread. Blame that on the fact that I was born, raised and lived in Tampa, FL for 40 years. My grandfather’s house was in old Ybor City on 26th Ave, just down from Tampa’s premier Cuban bread producer, La Segunda Central Bakery and as a product of Latin heritage I was raised on a steady diet of Tampa style Cuban and Spanish food. But a few years back a professional opportunity took me from the Sunshine State to hill country. Now there is some …

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La Segunda Central Bakery
There’s nothing quite like visiting your home town after being away for awhile. In my case I hadn’t been back to Tampa in 12 years. Its always amazing how many things have changed yet how so many others remain the same. We visited the old neighborhood and knocked on the door of an old friend I hadn’t seen in 30 years. Another really great day.
One thing we haven’t really talked about is how much we Floridians love to eat. The sheer number of locally owned ‘one …

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At least 27 different SUPERMARKET BRANDS made by Sara Lee could be effected and have been recalled.
From the ‘Why We Like To Make Our Own Food” Dept: According to Reuters and other news sources a Sara Lee factory in Meridian, Mississippi has been spewing out loaves of bread potentially laced with chunks of metal. The company recalled the bread after they realized a flour sifter was damaged and possibly some metal had made its way into the bread. I take that to mean there were chunks of metal missing …

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This is one of my favorite ‘white’ loaf breads, it has a wonderful taste and texture. Don’t read oats and think lumps because they just disappear in the finished loaf and all that remains is a hint of flavor. And to top it off this bread has a beautiful crust and a sturdy rise so its a great one to bake when you want something you can count on to taste AND look good.
Also like most basic breads its also quite versatile. I first saw this recipe as a …