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Kitchen Warfare’s Cuban Bread (Tampa Style)

I am addicted to Cuban bread. Blame that on the fact that I was born, raised and lived in Tampa, FL for 40 years. My grandfather’s house was in old Ybor City on 26th Ave, just down from Tampa’s premier Cuban bread producer, La Segunda Central Bakery and as a product of Latin heritage I was raised on a steady diet of Tampa style Cuban and Spanish food. But a few years back a professional opportunity took me from the Sunshine State to hill country. Now there is some …

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At least 27 different SUPERMARKET BRANDS made by Sara Lee could be effected and have been recalled.
From the ‘Why We Like To Make Our Own Food” Dept: According to Reuters and other news sources a Sara Lee factory in Meridian, Mississippi has been spewing out loaves of bread potentially laced with chunks of metal. The company recalled the bread after they realized a flour sifter was damaged and possibly some metal had made its way into the bread. I take that to mean there were chunks of metal missing …

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With acres to mow and our large garden getting started it seems we have a lot less time to spend in the kitchen this time of year. So to that end we’re always up for good quality food that doesn’t involve a drive thru (of course I say the same thing during football season). Nothing against fast food mind you, it has its time and place but where we live it’s a 45 min round trip to the nearest Burger Doodle anyway so any quality food we can fix …

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This is one of my favorite ‘white’ loaf breads, it has a wonderful taste and texture. Don’t read oats and think lumps because they just disappear in the finished loaf and all that remains is a hint of flavor. And to top it off this bread has a beautiful crust and a sturdy rise so its a great one to bake when you want something you can count on to taste AND look good.
Also like most basic breads its also quite versatile. I first saw this recipe as a …

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When I was a kid growing up in Florida one of our holiday favorites was Orange Rum cake. Its a little different than the typical hodgepodge of cakes and besides it was just fun to make. I liked helping to shave the orange and lemon zest (peel) and there was something cool even then about a cake that needed to sit for a few days before you could eat it. And it had RUM. No matter that its hardly a trace amount, as a kid it was just a fun …

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When I decided I was in an Italian mood the first thing I did was to select a bread because bread usually takes the longest amount of time.
I wanted to try something new so I googled around and settled on this Italian Herb Bread I found on AllRecipes originally from Ann Barr.
In spite of the momentary lapse of reason on my part, it came out very well. The first loaf didn’t quite rise as well as it should have during baking but that was in no doubt because of the …

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For the last few months we’ve been completely boycotting store bought breads.
Initially it was more of a challenge (game) just to see if we could do it but it didn’t take long for us to become pretty accustomed to high quality (most of the time!) baked goods. I don’t mean this in the sense that I’ve mastered baking because that’s far (far) from true (really far) but rather in the sense that pretty much anything you manage to get baked (heh, he said ‘get baked’) using fresh ingredients in …

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I’ve been cooking for over 30 years but I’ve never gotten as an enthusiastic response as I did to this week’s dessert effort – Dog biscuits. If you’re looking for validation of your cooking prowess, I doubt you can find a better audience to howl your praises.
Last week after unpacking the new KitchenAid Stand Mixer I needed a test run recipe. Dog Biscuits seemed perfect. Pretty much no matter what I do wrong there will be no smug remarks and even the most botched effort would be forgiven in an …

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I’ve always loved making President Kennedy’s waffles. First and foremost JFK knew a good waffle when he ate one, it’s a really good recipe. And secondly if you messed them up and anyone complained . . .
‘I didn’t realize JFK liked his waffles ‘blackened’.
you always had the perfect out . . .
‘Shut your pie hole, if they were good enough for President Kennedy, they’re good enough for you’.
To be fair I doubt President Kennedy’s chef had to use the same waffle iron my Dad gave me as a gift in …

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So how did I solve the stand mixer dilemma? I caved completely.

Like many Kitchen Warriors I’ve always wanted a good stand mixer. If like me you bake at a moderate pace for a small patronage you probably find yourself right on the fence of an expensive purchase. And with good reason because a decent mixer is one of the more costly small appliances you’re likely to consider for the home kitchen. Its not to be taken lightly.

I started out with the notion I wanted a KitchenAid and after reading …