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[29 Jul 2007 | 4 Comments | ]

At least 27 different SUPERMARKET BRANDS made by Sara Lee could be effected and have been recalled.
From the ‘Why We Like To Make Our Own Food” Dept: According to Reuters and other news sources a Sara Lee factory in Meridian, Mississippi has been spewing out loaves of bread potentially laced with chunks of metal. The company recalled the bread after they realized a flour sifter was damaged and possibly some metal had made its way into the bread. I take that to mean there were chunks of metal missing …

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[13 Jul 2007 | 5 Comments | ]

Ever since Iron Chef of Japan became a cult classic U.S. television has been experimenting with cooking contests (including Food Network’s excellent American version of Iron Chef itself). From cakes to risotto we all want to know whose ‘cuisine reigns supreme’.
Allez Cuisine!
Two of the most popular are ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ which has even made it into the primetime lineup on a decent network Fox and The Next Food Network Star which is Food Networks effort to get into the American Idol business of validating your talent’s popularity before engineering their …