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[7 Mar 2007 | 5 Comments | ]

I’m not going to lie to you, making your own pizza is more work than picking up the phone and ordering a cardboard frisbee. It’s also more work than driving down for a slightly better than delivery frisbee (now with less cardboard!) at your local pizzeria. But its also a lot better. When the question of pizza comes up in the Chowhound’s house the request always is ‘Will you make one?’. When you tell people ‘I make my own pizza’ they are understandably skeptical. I guess their minds go …

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[6 Mar 2007 | One Comment | ]

The trick is remove the backbone so you can lay him flat for faster cooking (called butterflying). Using this method you can roast an entire chicken in less than an hour (about 50 minutes or so).
Behold the test chicken.

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[1 Mar 2007 | No Comment | ]

This is pretty good deal on a 2 knife set from Calphalon. For $29 you get an 8-Inch Chef’s Knife and 5-Inch Santoku Knife. I’ve had these about a month and they’re pretty nice for the money. Check out the outstanding reviews on Amazon and you’ll see what I mean. Its a good way to get some decent sharp steel that will hold an edge for a budget price.